Spring in your step

10 exercise tips for energy in spring

Spring is a time of dynamic creativity. A burst of new life and energy that creates a sense of momentum and forward motion.

As the days grow longer there may be a pressure to get things started. In order to capitalize on this natural feeling of expectation, we need a fresh approach to our lifestyle, exercise and outlook, letting the warmth and sunshine help to stretch us into our new beginnings.

Spring is a great time to:

– Plan ahead and start new projects

– Brain storm ideas and discover fresh ways of looking at things

– Clear out unused and broken items you have around the home

– Introduce self reflective meditation and relaxation techniques if you are under mental or emotional stress

– Be around people or things that motivate you


Here are 8 great ways to exercise and energize yourself in spring:


1. Include some cardio

As the weather gets warmer, help the body do the same by including more gentle cardiovascular exercise into your routine. Work up a bit of a sweat!
On warmer spring days, try to get out of the gym and go for a walk, jog or bike ride.

2. Get outside

As the weather improves and the new growth starts to show, spending time outside is a great way to witness the rising energy of spring and naturally motivate yourself to exercise. Get out there and feel the fresh air on your skin!

3. Start a weight-training regime

Spring is a good time to focus on muscles, joints and tendons. Excessively heavy exercise is not recommended, so stick to lighter weights and include a lot of stretching before and after the session.

4. Side bends, squats and twists

Side bends and squats open up the energy pathways of the gallbladder and liver respectively so are great exercises for spring.
Including lots of twisting and deep stretches in to your practice also helps to detoxify the muscles and release energy draining tensions in the torso, nervous system and connective tissue.

5. Focus on flexibility

Focus on rooting and creating flexibility in the body and the mind. Like wood (the element associated with spring), work on creating solid foundations to grow up from, whilst gently building up strength and flexibility to avoid becoming too stiff and brittle.
Ease yourself into movement gently with lots of stretching and fluid movements to help oil the joints.

6. Take up early morning exercise

How do you feel in the mornings? The liver loves them and early morning exercise is a great way to pick up on nature’s rising energy.
Why not try some early morning yoga or get outside for a morning walk, jog or Tai Chi practice to make the most of natures renewed energy.

7. Do something different

Spring is a great time to try something new or different from your usual routine. Is there an area of your body or your life which you are stuck with and not moving?
If you can afford it, why not try a personal trainer to give you a new approach to an exercise routine or workout with a friend to help push yourself into a new commitment.

8. Release anger with martial arts

Try out shadow boxing, t’ai chi, martial arts or kick boxing to help release any pent-up negative energy, anger or frustration.

Anger and frustration are emotions commonly experienced in spring so if they do arise, see if you can find positive ways to channel that energy into action, motivation and purpose.

9. Take up a competitive sport

Taking part in competitive sport is great at this time of year as it can help release a little bit of aggression, anger or frustration in a non confrontational way, which, if not released, can damage the liver.
Shouting, dancing or supporting a team also helps relieve any pent up energy. Other ideal exercises are eye to ball sports such as tennis and badminton.

10. Go easy

If you’ve been fairly inactive over winter, starting an exercise regime can be a big step for you and your body.

Make sure you ease yourself into a new exercise routine and if you are at all unsure about your overall health, do not push yourself too hard or too quickly.

Start with brisk walks and easy classes, then increase by small increments each week until you start to feel more energetic.