Reducing Stress at Home

Spring 2021

Finding space for a new normal

Spring is within touching distance! The days are getting longer, and slightly warmer  – we’ve even seen the sun in Scotland this week. 

This year, we’re emerging out of our spring hibernation in two ways. Firstly in a seasonal sense we are unfurling out of our inward state that has got us through winter and starting to ease ourselves gently into the season of rising energy with the promise of great things to come. 

We’re also starting, slowly, to see the green shoots of promise and hope emerging. With the prospect of the end of lockdown on the horizon, there is hope that we will soon be able to reconnect with our friends and family, our shared communities and the ways of life that give us our energy. 

That’s not to say that this reconnection with things that last year held, were normal or trivial. For some there may be a sense of fear, the emotion of winter,  as we try to protect ourselves from this invisible threat that has lingered over us this past year. 

What we need is space, in our hearts, minds and bodies. Space to enjoy the freedom, space to protect ourselves, space to allow our minds to come to terms with what’s happened and what’s to come. 

We can use our practise to help create space in our bodies as we stretch out the connective tissue. Our meditation can help still and calm the mind to allow us to start thinking ahead and be excited about things to come. We can start to nourish ourselves with good, clean food to help the energy run more freely around the body. 

Spring 2021 is definitely one for anticipation, and I for one can’t wait to see awaits us.  

by Nicky Watson